Trending Terracotta Looks for the Home

Decorating your house can be a painful transition if you aren’t sure of the look or color scheme you’re trying to go for. Try out the trending terracotta look. This color is a shade of orange and can be matched with many different other colors. This look can be used in tile flooring, planting pots, walls, or even just paint color. If you love shades of orange, this trend is screaming your name! Check out the different uses of terracotta that you can potentially add to your own space.

This candle holder is finished in the color terracotta. The POV (point of view) candle holder is unique because you can look at it from different angles and every angle will be a different view. This simple candle holder can be placed in any room to give the space something new and exciting.

Just adding a new lamp can change a room. Think about adding a terracotta pendant light to your dining space to create an intimate lighting while enjoying a meal. The shape of the lamp is simple and can be placed in any room, not just a dining area.

This rustic bathroom is covered in terracotta tiling. The walls have unique designs within the tiles. The shower head in this bathroom is coming out of the sun design on the wall. The stain glass window in this bathroom complements the terracotta color.

This stunning kitchen is complete with terracotta tile flooring in a chevron design. This look combined with the brick creates a farmhouse style kitchen.

If adding terracotta tiling to any part of your home is too difficult, but you still want the same look, think about using a shade of paint close to terracotta. This kitchen island is finished in a shade of orange paint that is very close to the same shade as terracotta. The cream colored counter tops helps balance this bold paint look.

This wire blossom fruit bowl and terracotta vase are all in one. This helps creating a table centerpiece that much easier. Having fruit sitting around allows family to make the healthy choice, while having some greenery in the house.

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